Meet Super Zen

A botanical elixir designed to bring balance to body & mind

The Antidote To Modern Day Living

We're here to guide you back to balance; that fine line between not too little & not too much, like hard work on Wednesday & cocktails on Thursday. 

Meditation, strength training, morning dips in the deep blue - everyone has their own way of dealing with the pressure of modern living.

Let us help to counter stress, induce calm & restore your body’s systems to a state of equilibrium.


We Make Products We Live By

Every one of our active powders are designed and crafted in Australia from premium 100% certified organic ingredients.

Each botanical is chosen for our unique formulas based on the science that backs up their wellness efficacy. 
Then, synergistically formulated and triple-tested to create quality wellness powders to elevate your body + mind.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of plant-based medicine as an essential resource to help counteract the impact that modern day living can place upon you.