3 Powerful Adaptogens For Stress Support - Naturopath Approved

When you feel off balance, adaptogens can help put you back on track.

Adaptogens work like a thermostat. They read when your adrenal response is too high or too low, and work with your body to help balance cortisol levels (stress hormones).

When faced with stress, be it physical, mental or emotional, our bodies go through a three-stage response: alarm, resistance, and exhaustion. Adaptogens help us stay in the resistance phase longer by stimulating the effect that holds off fatigue, allowing us to attain equilibrium.

Super Zen
™ features adaptogens which are known to assist specifically with stress. 

  • Ashwagandha to soothe long-term sources of stress and the hormone imbalances that may result from it.

  • For acute stress and anxiety, we suggest Rhodiola and Schisandra, which may help mediate fight-or-flight stress responses.

  • Rhodiola is also believed to improve energy, physical performance and memory.

  • Schisandra is also known to improve liver function and gastrointestinal support.

As a naturopath is it my job to assist your body back into balance, we do this by supporting the body with adaptogenic botanical herbs, therapeutic nutritional supplements, lifestyle support and dietary support. But it is always recommended to seek a professional holistic practitioner's advice for an individual treatment plan best suited to you.

Claire Ayres

BHSc in Naturopathy 
BHsc in Herbal Medicine 
HBsc in Nutritional Medicine 








Healing and changing your relationship with stress, anxiety or depression is a journey and the journey is not linear. Everybody’s story is different, and we are sharing from our own experience. While adaptogens are an amazing tool, they are not a cure-all and work best in conjunction with other conscious and healthy lifestyle choices.

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