Gift With Purchase Terms & Conditions

Can I cancel my order?
The Base Body Co. ships all orders within 2 business day from receiving the order. All cancellation requests received more than 60 minutes after purchase cannot be processed, and as such are ineligible for refund. 
- All emails regarding cancellations must be titled ‘Cancel Order’ in the Subject field of the email. Please include your full name and order number in the body of the email.
Cancellations not titled in this manner will not be refunded.

Can I change my address?
Change of address requests received more than 60 minutes after ordering cannot be processed, and will not be included on the order.
All emails regarding change of address must be titled ‘Change of Address’ in the Subject field of the email. Please include your full name, order number and corrected shipping address in the body of the email.
Cancellations not titled in this manner will not be refunded.

What if my order is held by local customs? If your order is held in customs, it is the responsibility of the buyer/customer to contact their local customs and organise for their order to clear customs. The Base Body Co. is not liable to contact customs officials or refund any orders which are refused by local customs and returned to The Base Body Co. The Base Body Co. provides all the necessary documents to clear customs with each order. 

Can I add product or change shipping method? 
Once the order has been processed and submitted we cannot amend the type of shipping or change / add products to your order. 

If your parcel is marked as ‘delivered’ by the local postal service, yet you do not physically have your parcel it is up to the customer, not The Base Body Co. to contact the local postal service to follow up the problem. If the local postal service and the customer do not resolve the discrepancy, The Base Body Co. is not liable to refund or resend your order.


English language: All orders details need to be placed in English language only. Please note, any orders not placed in the English language may not print address labels correctly and thus, will not arrive at your shipping address.

The use of diacritic marks such as ñ will not be printed and thus The Base Body Co. will not be liable for refund / or replacement.

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